Soulless Nacho takes the role of Ice Cap in UTAUWikiTale. Nacho likes to comment on pages in the average area about how amazing his hat is. Despite his name, Soulless Nacho does indeed have a soul.



Nacho looks like a Nacho with sunglasses made of ice. Nacho has a horn and wears a neon green hat that resembles a six-tentacled squid.


Nacho is very boastful, especially about his hat. He likes to upload pictures of him in his hat, which have nothing to do with the wiki and usually end up getting taken down. He strongly dislikes Proxy. Nacho is very bad at finding out what someone else is going to do next. He tends to insult people without hats.



Soulless Nacho can attack with ice balls that shatter when they hit walls and bounce of each other. Nacho's hat can also grow out its tentacles to attack. Rain that builds up when it hits the bottom of the screen and using his horn are other forms of attacking that Nacho might use if placed under special circumstances.

Special CircumstancesEdit

If you remove Nacho's hat via the De-hat option, Nacho will begin using his horn to attack. If he is insulted, Nacho will begin crying and the rain attack may be used.

Stat Change Edit

De-hat causes Nacho's hat to disappear. This angers him, increasing his Attack, but decreasing his Defense.

Trivia Edit

  • Because Soulless Nacho is a monster, he has a soul and is not soulless.