Basics Edit

While similar to Ink, this non-canon version may not be the same to all other versions of the character. As SOULs are replaced with SKILL in this AU, the fact that Ink lacks a SOUL does not matter as he has a SKILL instead.

Ink's creativity is somewhat his down fall as his SKILL constantly produces paint and ink which ruins the pages. He sometimes also decides to draw and paint in places he should not.

Appearance Edit

The same as Ink only his brush is slightly different. While not different enough for anyone to specifically be able to say what has changed about it, it just seems like a different brush.

The brush is effected by the items Ink has equipped. The paint changes to match the assoicated SKILL colour of his weapon and the handle change to the assoicated SKILL colour of his armour. (e.g. if he has the Squeaky Hammer and the Rose-tinted Glasses then the paint will be cyan and the handle will be purple).

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