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• 10/1/2017

Any main character role open?

Like is Chara open? or napstablook or someone?
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• 5/11/2017

Discussions in general

This discussion platform doesn't really seem to work for us as a wiki so I suggests that we don't really bother using it. Don't bother trying to tell people or spread information on here as no one bothers. Just stopping everyone from wasting your time.
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• 4/18/2017

UTAUWikiFell Wiki

Since Wiki Temmie made the Swap wiki, I thought I might as well make the Fell wiki.
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• 4/18/2017

Pages Ink will see.

This is a thread on what pages Ink Sans should see on his journey through the wiki. I feel like he should see Anti Ink and the Broken Error page shortly after. But where would they be? Post what you think he should or will see in the comment section below.
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• 4/13/2017

UTAUWikiSwap Wiki

I made an actual wiki for UTAUWikiSwap, lol! [https://utauwikiswap.wikia.com XD]
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• 4/4/2017

Neutral route death volunteers

Hello my minor cast friends, I need to know which of you are willing to die. (as a side note, ruins minor cast will not die in the neutral route this is for Snowdin and beyond.) If I don't get enough volunteers, I'll pick you at random.
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